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Do you teach high school students with intellectual disabilities? Are you struggling to find appropriate job-training opportunities for them?


The book will cover both classroom-based businesses and community-based businesses and answer the questions below. The questions are subject to change as I conduct the interviews! PLEASE feel free to offer constructive criticism and suggest other questions to ask; the goal of this book is to answer your questions and make it easy for you to begin your school-based business.

Teacher interview (for each business)
Teacherís name and contact information
School name and contact information
Name of business
Type of business
Date business started
Is the business an original concept or borrowed? If borrowed, from whom?
Who is your market?
How did you get administrator buy-in?
How did you get teacher/staff buy-in?
How did you choose your location?
How did you fund the start-up costs?
Tell us about the nuts and bolts: business licenses, sales tax, accounting, etc.
Did you write business and marketing plans?
If so, would you please share them with us?
Have you encountered legal issues? If so, please describe.
Did you conduct consumer surveys or analyze your market?
If yes, would you share them with us?
How did you market the business before it opened?
How did you train the students?
How often/when do the students work?
How many students work each shift?
Do you need adaptive/assistive technologies for the students to do their jobs?
If so, please describe.
Besides the students, who else works at the business (teacher, job coach, transition specialist, etc.)? Please describe their roles in the business.
Tell me about opening day.
Has the business been well received by the community?
Do the students earn stipends?
How do you pay them?
Do the students report to the home school?
How do you handle lunch and transportation for the students?
Describe a student's typical school day.
What are your monthly expenses?
What is the businessí present level of performance?
Is the business breaking even, making money, or losing money?
How do you market the business now?
Where do you see the business heading?
How do you measure success for the business?
How do you measure success for the students?
How many students who have aged out are employed following this work experience?
Please describe their new work experiences.
What has been the biggest surprise as a result of this business?
What are the pitfalls teachers need to beware of?
What did you learn the "hard" way?
What would you do differently, if you were to start the same business today?
Please describe step-by-step the process you undertook to establish the business.
What has been critical to the success of the business?
What is the number one tip you have for other teachers?
What is the number one tip you have for administrators?

Student interview (for each business)
Student name
Tell me about you.
Tell me about your training
What skills have you learned?
Has working changed you? How?
What is the best part of working in the business?
If you could change anything about your work, what would you change?
What are your plans for after you no longer attend high school?
What do you want teachers and administrators to know about the business?
What is the number one tip you have for other students?

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